Serial production – what is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
Serial production – what is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?In production plants focused on serial production, advanced solutions are used – specialised machines, production lines, as well as software, to achieve the optimum effect in the form of higher work efficiency...
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Modernisation of production lines
Modernisation of production linesProduction lines, which are currently more and more often implemented in production plants – perform well first of all in the production companies active in the food, electronic, automotive, or machine industry. Co-operating machines make it possible to simplify operations, streamline them and at the same time make them safer, and the ready-made goods are of high quality and repeatability...
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Roller conveyors in internal transport
Roller conveyors in internal transportRoller conveyors are conveyors of compact design based on rollers. The cargo travels on a flat surface which forms the point of contact of the rollers...
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Production processes – basic information
In the 21th century, entirely new solutions are employed in production when compared to those used in the past. Among those worth particular attention one should list significantly increased automation and state-of-the-art technologies aimed at achieving the highest quality of the ready made goods, while at the same time ensuring efficiency and savings at work. The element subject to the biggest changes are production processes
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Types of production lines

In many production plants, there are production lines – owing to them it is possible to improve production processes and ensure high quality and repeatability of the ready-made goods. Also, the general work efficiency will be higher.

Production lines have been used in many fields for years. For the first time, they were used by the Ford concern, where each worker was in charge of a specific activity, which made it possible to assemble a car in slightly more than 90 minutes. At present, owing to advanced technological solutions, including significant automation, such production processes are even more time-efficient.

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Mass production – what is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
In modern work establishments focused on the quantity of the goods produced, either mass production or serial production systems are used. In this case, the difference consists in the continuity of production – serial production means production in batches, while mass production is a continuous process without any stoppages. This causes that the production processes themselves, and with them – also the back-up facilities used, such as machines, must match the production type...
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Belt systems in short-distance transport
Belt systems in short-distance transportIn the field of short-distance transport, belt systems are among the most commonly used systems. They are widely used in warehouses, logistic centres, as well as production halls and other facilities...
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Short-distance transport systems in warehouses
Short-distance transport systems in warehousesThe modern warehouses and logistic centres use advanced technological solutions to increase the speed and safety of cargo handling. An appropriately designed short-distance transport systems can help both large as well as smaller enterprises organise work...
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