A pallet depot increases productivity

A pallet depot increases productivity

The possibility of configuring and individual adaptation of the system to the needs, requirements, and work specificity of individual enterprises of production lines is another advantage of the system. In practice, perfect matching translates into significant productivity growth, since e.g. cargo transport processes are more time-efficient. A professional system thanks to a number of state-of-the-art protection means and the most advanced technology increases work safety. Its compact design enables to use only a minimum amount of space of the warehouse, and as a result – it generates savings in maintenance costs. The pallet depot makes it possible to store pallets in high stacks and, depending on the needs, it can serve two purposes: collecting and dispensing single pallets or the whole stack, and then dispensing pallets. The basic version of the depot is intended to store pallets of one type. However, additional equipment is possible which enhances its functionality. There is a possibility of installing, e.g. a configurable bumper making it possible to use various types of pallets. The system can be operated both manually (lifting, lowering, closing or opening the gripper) as well as automatically (receiving and dispensing single pallets).

Pallet depot design

A pallet depot is usually a load-bearing structure made of rectangular, closed sections with supports. The depot comprises movable grippers, a pneumatic mechanism (enabling motion in the vertical plane and gripping and lowering pallets), adjustable feet, pallet depot bumpers, and a two-position bumper.

The most important benefits resulting from installation of a pallet depot system:
  • Possibility of integrating with the production line.
  • Possibility of automating the loading process.
  • Possibility of loading with a forklift.
  • Possibility of extending by adding modules.
  • Possibility of adapting to various pallet sizes.