A professional sheet metal depot saves time and space

A professional sheet metal depot saves time and space How does a sheet metal depot work?

A sheet metal depot comprises a rack and a elevator. The elevator serves the purpose of receiving or placing shelves in the target locations. The shelves are placed on specially designed guides which facilitate operation of the depot. Their spacing depends on the type and size of the stored material. The minimum spacing is 200, and the maximum number of shelves in one rack is up to 25 pcs. Owing to the modular design, it is possible to extend the basis scope of operation of the depot. The structure may be extended to highly advanced systems by adding shelves in any quantity and type. The solution may be combined with other systems present in the warehouse to meet your needs, which as a result modifies its basic function. The sheet metal depot can be controlled manually or remotely by an operating panel operator. Thanks to the integration into the IT systems, it is possible, among other things, to plan automatic placement of cargo, run a register ? the IT system provides data about the type and quantity of products going through the warehouse in a given period, about the present stock, etc.

Most important benefits of a sheet metal depot
  • It saves space.
  • It saves time for loading and unloading thanks to the reduced time of access to stored products or materials.
  • It occupies little space, which allows for a reduction of storage costs.
  • A possibility of storing large and heavy goods in a small area.
  • Easy to use.
  • When integrated with the IT system, it enables monitoring of inventories.
  • The sheet metal depot is equipped with professional protection means that protect both the operator as well as other people working in its surroundings.

This versatile storage system may be used in almost any industrial field and at any stage of production or storage. It will perform perfectly both in a tools depot as well as in the production hall.