Advanced pallet depots

Advanced pallet depots

Currently, in most production companies, pallets are used also in warehouses and logistic centres. However, these auxiliary internal transport elements need a lot of storage space and therefore, when order and space savings are important, installation of a pallet depot is an optimal solution.

What is pallet depot?

A pallet depot is a special internal handling solution based on the storage system supporting automatic stacking of empty pallets, and then dispensing them by one for individual lines. In that way, it is possible to significantly reduce time needed to transport products on pallets. Owing to pallet depots, pallets can be stacked high, which saves space in the plant. Pallets stacked in such a way may be then dispensed as a whole stack or by one. These system may be individually adjusted to the user needs, which results in gains in efficiency and productivity of operations.

Pallet depot design

Normally, pallet depots are used for pallets of one type, but if a number of pallet types is used in the plant, there is also a possibility of equipping the depot with a device enabling handling of pallets of multiple sizes.

Pallet depots are based on a stable load-bearing structure made of steel sections. It includes in particular:

  • movable grippers,
  • pneumatic mechanism,
  • adjustable feet,
  • depot bumpers,
  • two-position bumbers.
Operation of a pallet depot Pallet depots can be operated in two ways: manually and automatically:
  • the manual mode ? makes it possible to perform specific motions as part of pallet handling, e.g. lifting or lowering the pallet gripper,
  • the automatic mode ? allows for automated receiving and dispensing of pallets.
Why the implementation of a pallet depot in the plant is a good idea?

While pallet depots may seem a superfluous cost in the plant, they are distinguished by a number of benefits. The most important of them are listed below:

  • automatic loading of a pallet truck or fork lift from the line,
  • higher pallet stacks and the resulting space savings,
  • possibility of integrating the pallet depot into a production line,
  • additional equipment makes it possible to adapt the depot for various pallet widths,
  • improved safety of the workers in the work place,
  • time savings in task execution.

At present, pallet depots are implemented by companies operating in the short-distance transport industry, e.g. Europa Systems. It is advisable to contact specialists to agree upon details.