Automated pallet handling system

Automated pallet handling system

For a leader in the packaging industry, whose most important product are self-adhesive materials and labels, we have produced a pallet handling system.

Areas covered by the system (full line):

  1. Cargo loading and transport - conveyors, manipulators, trucks. More than 120 different arrangements of cargo on a pallet, with underlays, cardboard tops, and also without pallets. Various variants and combinations of arranging cargo such as heavy paper rolls, foil rolls, etc.

  2. Cargo securing ? integration with devices. Automated cargo transport to automatic strapping (banding and tape welding) and foil wrapping with a wrapper.

  3. Stacking and dispensing ? pallet depot, top depot. Automatic storages (dispensers) used to dispense and store pallets, cardboard and wooden underlays of various sizes.

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