Automated transport systems – how do they work?

Automated transport systems – how do they work? Pallet handling lines The pallet handling lines are conveyors connected with one another, used to transport both empty and loaded pallets. They are most often used to transport wooden Euro pallets (or pallets of other dimensions, e.g. 1200×1000 mm, 1200×1200 mm), plastic pallets, chemical industry pallets, pallet cases, steel pallets, or steel cases with various bases. Cargo of various sizes can be transported (working heigh is approx. 400 mm ? 600 mm) as well as of various weight (from approx. 150 kg/pallet to approx. 1000 kg/pallet) and of various speeds (from approx. 10 m/min. to approx. 18 m/min.).

Order processing systems

An order processing system peforms well in distribution of fruits, vegetables, fresh products, or foodstuffs in general. It enables fully automated processing, picking, and delivering orders from a point of purchase or a point of sale. Owing to that, goods can be transported directly to a shop. The system is usually comprised of gantry robots stacking units with ordered goods. Then, adequate quantities of the goods are transferred for loading, e.g. on pallets. Modular systems can be adjusted to perfectly match the needs of a given transport line.

Cardboard and container transport lines

Cardboard and container transport lines are interconnected sets of belt conveyors, roller conveyors, or strip conveyors. They are used to transport cardboards and plastic containers. Cardboards of various sizes and weight can be transported. Cardboards can be guided from the initial production stage to the end section of the line, where they are stacked. During the travel, it is possible to read bar codes on the cardboards, thanks to which it is possible, e.g., to specify the transport route for selected batches. During the system designing process, it is usually possible to adjust all parameters, e.g. working width. Automation of the process of transport of materials, products, or containers inside an enterprise is a way to save time and place. Also, it gives an opportunity to improve quality and efficiency of operation of the production line.