Belt systems in short-distance transport

Belt systems in short-distance transport

In the field of short-distance transport, belt systems are among the most commonly used systems. They are widely used in warehouses, logistic centres, as well as production halls and other facilities. Appropriately adjusted systems significantly simplify all short-distance transport processes, while at the same time protecting cargo against damage.

Belt conveyors ? application

Belt conveyors are the basis of belt systems in short-distance transport ? they are operated on a continuous basis. They are used to move cargo of various dimensions and weight. The transport is carried out without sliding and in a gentle way. They form an alternative for roller conveyor transport which usually cannot be used in the case of small goods or bulk materials.

Design of belt conveyors

The conveyors are mostly based on electrical motors, and sometimes on other drives. They are made of transport belt made of plastic or rubber, which is flexible and requires a relevant tension, so tensioners are used in its case. The belts are also reinforced with wire to retain shape. Depending on the type of the transported material, belts are also supplemented with brushes or scrapers which remove dirt. Scales are also used to monitor the flow of materials, as well as metal detectors or other tools. To ensure work safety, conveyors are equipped with failure indicators and temperature sensors. Belt conveyor may be designed as straight or sloping where their task is to transport materials between different levels. Usually, the inclination angle in their case is not more than 20%, however, it depends on the type of the goods transported.

Designing to order

To ensure reliability of the whole system, it has to be designed by experts. Belt conveyor systems are available in various lengths, therefore various structures can be built of them for the purposes of short-distance transport, taking into account the requirements connected with the available space in the plant, arrangement of cargo receiving points, and its destinations. A correct plan is of crucial importance, because only then it will allow for saving time and money. Lack of optimisation of the short-distance transport system is one of the reasons generating excessive costs. So the best idea is to establish cooperation with a renown company such as Europa Systems, with experience in the industry, which may help in comprehensive way in developing the best system.

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