Company europa systems

Europa Systems is your trusted partner to design, build, implement, and support automated system solutions for warehouses, distribution centres, and production facilities.


Warehouse Automation and Production Logistics.

Process improvements, material flow automation, along with performance optimising software make up the components of each solution. To develop the ideal system configuration, Europa Systems uses an industrial engineering approach focused on operational excellence.

Our resources

People teamwork

We are a team of 300 engineers, technicians and specialists developing agile intralogistics solutions in interdisciplinary teams.

Technology production capabilities

Our state-of-the-art production facility in Europe, ensures that 95% of the manufacturing processes of our systems are performer in one place.

17.500 m2 Production facilities
300 Engineers and specialists
Our know-how

Intralogistics experience

We have over 25 years of experience gained through deployment of hundreds of projects for clients in 35 countries.

Automation provided globally

We solve problems by providing world-class solutions for the automation and optimisation of internal processes for transport and storage.

1000+ Customers in Europe
20 Years of experience
We are a trusted partner

For agile intralogistics solutions

We support our customers providing advice on optimisation and system design of automated transport and storage processes.

We are engineers

It means that we solve problems, turning our clients' challenges into success.

100% Dedication and knowledge-sharing
97% Best quality in Customer Satisfaction Survey
we are proud of

We are Europe's leading manufacturer, multiproduct provider and system integrator of automated intralogistics solutions and equipment.

  • We are first-choice partner for agile intralogistics solutions in Europe
  • We implement our solutions on a turnkey basis worldwide.
  • We deploy our turn-key solutions all over the world
We are a preferred supplier to leading OEMs



We make a good team where openness, suport and trust lead us to successes.
Striving for prefection, we take bold and conscious decisions.
We accommodate needs with passion and determination.
We take up challenges taking advantage of our exerience and continuous development of our competencies.
We are true to our word. We deliver what we have agreed to deliver.
We create space for innovative ideas and solutions. We inspire one another.

Our vision

"...The first-choice partner for agile intralogistics solutions in Europe."

Our mission

"We apply our passion & engineering know-how to suport the future of your business."

Our board

Michał Zborowski
Michał Zborowski
President of the Management Board of Europa Systems

Manager with more than 20 years of work experience in various business sectors, and in organizations with national and international coverage.

During the last five years he has held key positions in heavy industry companies: Vice President of the Management Board of KGHM Metraco S.A., and Chief Administration and Purchasing Officer at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. He was Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of Centrozłom Wrocław S.A. and Walcownia Metali Nieżelaznych ŁABĘDY S.A., and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mercus Logistyka Sp. z o.o.

He has gained experience working in the IT and high-tech. He held managerial positions in sales and business development with entities such as Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych, Alliance Technology Polska, Mozo-Grau, Software Escrow Management, and CELSA Huta Ostrowiec.

In 2023 he started his collaboration with the Thumos Poland Group as Advisor to the Management Board of Thumos Poland Sp. z o.o. and as Member of the Supervisory Board of Europa Systems Sp. z o.o. He was appointed President of the Management Board of Europa Systems Sp. z o.o. and Europa Systems Rzeszów Sp. z o.o.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. He completed his Master of Business Administration at IESE Business School and the Value Creation Through Effective Boards programme organized by IESE Business School and Harvard Business School. On top of that, he is President of IESE’s Alumni Polish Chapter.

Marek Czyż
Marek Czyż
Member of the Management Board of Europa Systems

He has more than 20 years of experience in financial management of small, medium and large enterprises. He gained this experience working in the financial sector, as well as in service and manufacturing companies. He held key positions (Chief Financial Officer, member of the Management Board) in such entities as the Multi-Specialist Voivodship Hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski and the Azoty Polyolefins S.A. Group. He was a member of the supervisory board at a private equity fund. He holds a PhD degree in economic sciences, and has been a long-time staff member at the WSB Merito University in Szczecin.

Tomasz Żabiński
Tomasz Żabiński
Member of the Management Board of Europa Systems

He has over 25 years of experience in the implementation of technological solutions, including the development and implementation of: mechatronic systems control systems, software for obtaining production resources and MES class systems. He has participated in many commercial projects and in effective research and development projects in the area of application of the computational intelligence method in issues related to the concept of Industry 4.0, including predictive traffic management and management.

In his career, he was a co-owner of two companies with a technological profile and served as Proxy and President of Żbik sp. z o.o. and the Vice-President and Director of the Automation and R&D Department at EDOCS Systems sp. z o.o. For several years, he was an Automation and Robotization Consultant in a production company.

Doctor of technical sciences in the discipline of automatics and robotics (AGH Kraków), research and teaching employee at the Rzeszów University of Technology, long-term lecturer and supervisor of the Scientific Circle of Automatics and Robotics ROBO.

Our Partners

Europa Systems – Omron Solution Partner

Europa Systems – Omron Solution Partner

Omron’s broad portfolio of industrial automation technologies is supported by a network of carefully chosen channel partners. To guarantee the best local partner option for your specific request, we need a few additional details from you to support our choice for a partner based on the authorization and expertise for the product(s) you have identified.

„In this point, I would like to speak about Europa Systems as a one of most important company in Europe about mobile robots in implement full solution in intralogistics projects” - Ildefonso Rubio, System Integrator Development Manager EMEA in OMRON.

Europa Systems – partner SIEMENS

Europa Systems – SIEMENS partner

Europa Systems and SIEMENS, based on a partnership agreement, cooperate in the market promotion of the best modern solutions, as well as constantly improve each other's engineering competences in order to maximize the technical quality of the delivered products.

The presence of Europa Systems on the certified list of Siemens suppliers opens up new markets for potential new contractors and expands the spectrum of activities to new areas of industrial solutions. Thanks to the signed agreement, our engineers working on the forum of European projects receive access to the professional Siemens technical support platform, entering the next level of customer support development and improving end customer service.

Europa Systems - partner of SEW-EURODRIVE

Europa Systems - partner of SEW-EURODRIVE

Europa Systems has produced in close cooperation with SEW-EURODRIVE Polska in a factory in Łódź and launched a conveyor line, which includes an automatic AGV transport cart, based on the latest supercapacitor power supply technology and MOVITRANS ®

"SEW-EURODRIVE Polska was looking for a manufacturer who would be able to deliver an AGV truck according to strictly defined parameters and assumptions. Europa Systems turned out to be such a company - our long-term and trustworthy technological partner" Stanisław Nawracaj, Sales Director of SEW-EURODRIVE Poland