Internal transport devices - types and use

Internal transport devices - types and use Conveyors

Conveyors are an extremely important element of internal transport. They enable fast moving of cargo at individual stages of production lines. They belong to the group of the so-called short-distance transport devices. Depending on the use, one can discern conveyors transporting pallets, cardboards, bags, vehicle tires, steel structures, plastic containers, or metal sheets. In terms of design, there are the following types of conveyors: belt conveyors, driven roller conveyors, non-driven roller conveyors, strip conveyors, and chain conveyors.

Transport trucks

A transport truck is a moving device enabling smooth transition of cargo between the lines of the transport route. There can be driven and non-driven transport trucks. Depending on the conditions of motion, there are wheeled trucks and rail trucks.

Crossing conveyors

Crossing conveyors are horizontal transport devices. Their main purpose is to change the direction of motion perpendicularly. This is achieved by crossing two types of devices ? e.g. roller conveyors and chain conveyors. One of the conveyors is lifted by a relevant structure, collecting or putting down cargo in that way while at the same time providing it with lateral motion. An advantage of devices of this type is the possibility of installing them on a compact area and of connecting two transport lines enabling different transport directions.

Ball tables

Ball tables belong to the group of manual internal transport devices. They are used to freely move cargo longitudinally and transversely in relation to the transport route ? they can be used to change the direction of motion manually. Their design depends usually from the individual needs of the warehouse.


A turntable changes the direction of motion of the transported cargo. The scope of its operation ranges between 90 and 360 degrees. Usually, it has small dimensions (when compared to other solutions used in similar way), which is an undoubted advantage. It can be used to transport various cargoes, e.g. cardboards, pallets, or baskets.

Vertical transport devices

Vertical transport devices are conveyors used to move loads vertically. They include, e.g. elevators with roller conveyors or chain conveyors in a housing. These devices enable cargo travelling between many levels of transport lines. Also hydraulic lifts belong to the group of vertical transport devices.