Pallet elevator

Pallet elevator

For a producer specialising in warehouse solutions and automated loading in Finland, we have produced a component for the pallet handling system ? a pallet elevator.

The device is used to transport fertiliser on pallets, with the maximum cargo weight of up to 3600 kg. The system is divided into two levels. The first level is comprised of a set of conveyors connected with the legacy system through which the pallets will be fed to new conveyors. From that level, the pallets go down using elevator, whose capacity amounts to 60 pallets/h. At the ground level, they are received using forklifts and loaded on conveyors transporting them to the client's devices and further to lorries. Empty pallets are transferred to the pallet depot, and further, arranged in stacks, to the place of collection by forklifts.

The system supports two pallet types sized: 1600x1300 mm and 1800x1100 mm. The elevator height amounts to 10813 mm, and its maximum speed is approx. 12 m/min. The device is equipped with additional elements protecting, among other things, the chains, and ensuring stability and safe transport of cargo on pallets.

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