Pallet handling lines are an excellent investment

Pallet handling lines are an excellent investment

Europa Systems not only specialises is supplying state-of-the-art internal handling systems to clients who wish to improve their production line or streamline the operations in warehouses. We are also experienced advisors when it comes to modernisation of the existing handling systems. We add new functions, extend and improve installations of our clients with due care to detail and innovation, and first of all – practicality.

Nearly all enterprises use pallets on a daily basis. The number of pallets passing through the warehouses and production or distribution lines may be small when counted on a daily or even weekly basis. However, there are enterprises which use significantly higher quantities of pallets, counted in hundreds a day and thousands a week. The pallets are used in logistics centres, distribution centres, warehouses and in technological processes. For this group of enterprises, Europa Systems offers solutions which positively influence the operations of the enterprise and facilitate traffic of higher quantities of pallets.

Empty and loaded

Obviously, pallet handling lines must be adapted for various loads, because both empty pallets as well as pallets with products will take part in traffic. The solutions offered by us make it possible to transport a single pallet whose weight may reach even 2000 kg per pallet. In addition, the dimensions of the cargo may be variegated. However, the most common weight range of transported goods is between 150 and 1000 kg on one pallet. Also transport speeds vary, but they usually range between 10 and 18 metres per minute. The maximum speed of a line is approx. 30 metres per second.

Various pallet types in response to clients' needs

The pallet handling line in our offer is suitable for various types of pallets. Not only their most popular type – Euro pallets – but also other versions can travel by conveyors as part of a group of internal transport devices. The other pallet types inclue:

  • plastic pallets,
  • chemical industry pallets,
  • pallet cases,
  • steel pallets,
  • steel cases with various bases,
  • wooden pallets of various sizes.

Pallet handling lines are a modern solution which facilitates the operations of an enterprise in which pallets are a very important production and distribution factor. The broad scope of applications of this internal handling system allows for using it in various industrial fields. Owing to the pallet handling line, the efficiency of warehouses and distribution centres will be increased, and the investment will quickly pay back.

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