Production processes – basic information

What is production process?

Production processes are understood as the entirety of all phenomena and activities resulting in transforming resources or materials into ready-made goods. These changes take place gradually, by accumulation. A production process is completed when a product compliant with assumptions has been manufactured.

Elements comprising production processes Various types of activities can be found in production processes, including:
  • technology ? direct influence on the object and natural processes
  • measurement and control
  • transport ? internal and external
  • warehousing

In order to conduct production, a proper technology is necessary. Therefore, it must be developed in correspondence with the specification of the production purpose ? what the ready-made products should look like and what functions they are to serve. In this case, technology is used also to transform raw materials into ready-made goods. As part of technological processes we can distinguish activities having direct influence, which are performed in accordance with the human intention – e.g. shaping a production from plastic or metal with the use of relevant tools. In turn, natural processes are those which take place spontaneously, which, for instance, is the case for fermentation in alcohol production. Measurement and control processes are aimed to determine the specific status of an object on specific production stages. The product is compared with pre-defined requirements. When it complies with the benchmark, it is passed further in order to continue production processes. Otherwise, it can be subjected to further changes or discarded. Transport processes serve the purpose of moving the object within the work establishment – this is the case for short-distance transport, internal transport. It can also take place outside the enterprise. Companies conducting activities in the field of short-distance transport, such as Europa Systems , offer special conveyors. Wheeled trucks, lifts, and other machines are used. Storage or warehousing processes are those which are connected with storing an object. They may occur not only at the end of the production process, but also in its course. Depending on the goods manufactured, production processes change. However, the general outline is similar. An adequately designed production process makes it possible to manufacture high-quality products at lower costs.

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