Roller conveyors in internal transport

Roller conveyors in internal transport Roller conveyors in internal transport

They are widely used in warehouses, production halls, and logistic centres. Short-distance transport systems are developed with the specific aim of supporting operations, while at the same time reducing their costs. Roller conveyors are a solution which is frequently employed in the field of short-distance transport.

What are roller conveyors?

Roller conveyors are conveyors of compact design based on rollers. The cargo travels on a flat surface which forms the point of contact of the rollers. Rollers used in conveyors can be driven (self-propelled) or non-driven ? in which case they move when the cargo is moved. The latter type of rollers is called gravity rollers. These conveyors are used mainly to move larger objects, they are not so useful in transporting bulk materials. .<

How roller conveyors are constructed?

In the case of roller conveyors, just as any other conveyors used in short-distance transport, it is necessary to correctly design the whole system. Europa Systems, as well as other companies operating in the field of short-distance transport, offer comprehensive solutions which include designing a project, and its execution and implementation.

Types of transport rollers

Conveyors can employ various types of transport rollers. They are adjusted to the weight of cargo; each roller has a specific maximum load-bearing capacity which, therefore, should be taken into account when selecting components. The roller pipes vary – for example, they can be made entirely from metal or plastic. In addition to standard rollers, also multi-directional rollers can be purchased, which are used in particular in tables used in traffic of packaged materials, elements, or other cargo.

Individual solutions

Roller conveyors feature modular design, therefore they can be individually tailored to various space conditions. The conveyors are individually tailored to a specific application, including the type of cargo, its weight, as well as the shape of premises – all to achieve the highest efficiency possible. Even a small inaccuracy can make it impossible for the system to work efficiently, which in turn will reduce the plant productivity. Summing up, thanks to roller conveyors in short-distance transport, optimum effects can be ensured. They are durable and versatile devices which can be individually tailored to a specific application ? which makes them a reliable and preferred choice.

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