Short-distance transport systems in warehouses

Short-distance transport systems in warehouses

The modern warehouses and logistic centres use advanced technological solutions to increase the speed and safety of cargo handling. An appropriately designed short-distance transport systems can help both large as well as smaller enterprises organise work. Creation of a reliable storage system to swiftly manage cargo traffic both at the input as well as at the output is of key importance. Application of state-of-the-art solutions of such type results in initial costs which are often significant. However, this is always an investment. Companies which have implemented short-distance transport systems in their warehouses, achieve fairly better work efficiency ratios.

Reliability and cost efficiency

The most important thing is that a complete system should be reliable and efficient, and at the same time cost effective. It has to be borne in mind that in order to be a good investment, storage systems must comply with the highest standards of this type. This also means that they must be appropriately designed by experts. Such services are provided by all companies operating in the field of short-distance transport, including Europa Systems, which supplies clients from all over Poland.

Implementation of short-distance transport systems

A short-distance transport system should be implemented in a warehouse in line with the procedures, in order to achieve the best results, step by step. Below, we present all processes associated with the implementation:

  • initial analysis and discussion with the client ? in order to better know the client's needs as well as the processes carried out in the enterprise,
  • project preparation ? the project is prepared individually to the needs of the client and their enterprise, and it presents benefits connected with the implementation of the short-distance transport system,
  • signing agreement ? This is the stage at which conditions of cooperation between the ordering party and the contractor are defined,
  • order execution ? preparation of system elements, production of devices, their installation and commissioning,
  • servicing and maintenance works ? conducting activities in the scope of guarantee and post-guarantee service, as well as necessary maintenance works to ensure correct operation of the system.
How much does the implementation cost?

The costs associated with the implementation of a short-distance transport system in a warehouse may vary. Factors such us technical specification of the devices applied, number of devices, and their transport and assembly are taken into account, as well as the price policy of the enterprise implementing the project. All costs should be detailed in the agreement and appendices thereto.

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