The internal transport system plays an important role in the production process

The internal transport system plays an important role in the production process The following handling and transport means can be included to devices from the group of internal transport systems:
  • transport machines and devices,
  • storage devices,
  • auxiliary devices.
Basic transport devices in warehouses include:
  • pallet trucks,
  • hoists,
  • conveyors.
Automatic work cycle devices, or manipulators and industrial robots, constitute a special group. They can include:
  • beams,
  • clamps,
  • underlays,
  • stands,
  • movable ? racks (which can be moved perpendicularly or in parallel to the loading plane), circular scaffolding (where cargo units are moved thanks to the created load energy and energy of the working element) and flow scaffoldings.

The latter type, flow racks, as they make transport routes superfluous, enables to use the warehouse area more effectively, limit cargo transport inside the warehouse, and ensure proper cargo flow. In combination with other re-loading solutions, such as conveyors or control devices, flow racks make it possible to automate the storage process. Additional equipment of the racks can include roller conveyors, steering gears, or taps.

There are also auxiliary devices that facilitate loading of transport means and cargo handling:
  • ramps (including movable ramps),
  • loading and compensatory platforms,
  • pallets,
  • palletisers,
  • pallet collars,
  • containers,
  • yokes.

A perfectly tailored internal tranpsort system not only facilitates the cargo moving process, but also optimises ? and streamlines operations of the whole enterprise. A complete solution plan will ensure seamless transport and significantly improve production processes. It has to be borne in mind that any solution should be individually adjusted to the production line of the enterprise.