Transporting conveyor - new or used?

Transporting conveyor - new or used?

Short-distance transport in enterprises is based to a large extent on transporting conveyors, mainly roller and belt conveyors. They enable achieving optimum effects in transport of various types of cargo, among other things packages, bulk materials, small-size products, or even pallets. The conveyors are available in full range of variants and can be matched individually with the scope of the works conducted. Unfortunately, equipping a company in complete short-distance transport devices is quite a costly solution. Hence more and more companies are interested in used equipment. Is it a good solution?

New, tailor-made, and with guarantee

If the price does not matter, and what counts is comfort and individual adaptation, the best solution is to order the entire system anew. This is a solution that offers a range of benefits. High price is not, therefore, an element decisive for entrepreneurs focused on efficiency of operations. The short-distance transport systems are designed individually at request, and the equipment is precisely matched with a given space to use it optimally. Devices included in the system are covered with a guarantee and in case of any problems, we provide professional support in the form of free-of-charge guarantee servicing.

Used, cheaper, but not always tailored

Used transporting conveyor systems are an interesting option. They biggest advantage is affordable price, therefore they arouse interest of the entrepreneurs who cannot afford a full-scale investment. Used belt conveyors and roller conveyors are available in various options, however, they are not always perfectly tailored to a given application ? It can turn out, that there is a need to exchange rollers or to re-design the investment due to the lack of specific components. Servicing can be pose an additional problem ? not once one cannot buy specific replacement parts any more and has to made to order or imported, which results in additional costs.

Advantages and disadvantages of serial production

Serial production, just as other production types, has advantages and disadvantages. To achieve the best productivity in a plant, it is necessary to adjust the production type to the needs.

Where to order conveyors?

Short-distance transport systems are currently offered by various companies. In Europa Systems , you can buy new systems at affordable prices with comprehensive design and advisory service included. There are also companies that specialise in selling used conveyors. If you plan such a purchase, it is worth to check different offers. Usually, in such a situation, the Buyer is restricted with availability of individual system elements and, therefore, if you want to buy a complete system in a one company, it is better to submit a request for proposal and check whether it will be possible to buy the system.