• Special roller RTS
  • Special roller RTS
  • Special roller RTS
  • Special roller RTS

Special roller RTS

  • Transporting rollers for conveyor and internal handling devices and warehousing systems.
Production line automation
A group of rollers designed to complement the basic offer of transport rollers. They are manufactured according to individual needs of the Client. Europa Systems is a manufacturer of transport rollers.
Special rollers are used to transport pallets. Also, they are used in roller curves and for drive transmission purposes.

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Detailed description
RTS rollers with a grove under the belt– steel roles RT1, RT2, RT3 (depending on the pipe diameter) with a diameter of 50 mm / 60 mm / 80 mm / 89 mm/ 108 mm with a single or double grove for transmission policord belt. Rowkipodpasek
RTS rollers with carrying flanges - steel rollers from RT1, RT2 group. RT3, RT5 with carrying flanges welded to them. Rollers with carrying flanges are used as centring rollers, e.g. for transport of pallets. Rowkipodpasek
RTS rollers with conical nuts – rollers of 30 and 50 mm in diameter can work in the temperature range of -30° to +70°. Rollers with conical nuts used in roller arches. Pokrycie PVC
RTS rollers with PVC hose - steel rollers of RT1, RT2 type. TR3, RT5 with PVC hose with thickness of 5 mm and hardness of 63 wg ShA. Pokrycie PVC
Special rollers are available in many versions which can be combined. E.g. RT2 K and a pulled-on PVC hose . In that way, the following rollers are created, among others: steel roller of RT1 or RT2 group with diameter of Ø 50 and Ø 60 mm with single or double grove for policord strip, for transmission purposes, or steel roller of RT1, RT2, or RT3 group with PVC hose (thickness 5 mm and hardness 63° Shore) Additionally, there is a possibility of making "barrel rollers" – used in belt conveyors.