• Automatic pallet depot - standard
  • Automatic pallet depot - standard
  • Automatic pallet depot - standard

Automatic pallet depot - standard

  • A storage device which makes the most of the space of the production plant.
Automatic storage
Pallet depot is a device based on a stable, fault-free, and proven design which ensures fully automated stacking, dispensing, and storage of pallets. It is intended mainly for warehouses and production plants where a large number of fast-moving pallets in technological and warehousing processes is present.
1520 x 1530 x 2430 mm
1200 x 800 x 150 mm
500 kg
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Detailed description
How it works?: Pallets are fed to the device from the bottom, with the use of a manual pallet truck. A photocell installed in the system detects the pallet, and the pallet is lifted together with the stack already present in the machine. The device is fully automatic. The only task of the operator is to select the mode of operation: loading or unloading. The main element of the depot control is operator's keyboard, which works
in two modes: manual (MAN) – this mode makes it possible to execute single motions (lifting, lowering, opening and closing the gripper); automatic (AUT) - which enables fully automatic receiving and dispensing of single pallets. Use fields: production companies, warehouses, logistics centres. Owing to its function and design, it significantly increases the efficiency and security of operations in a production plant.

Technical data

Overall dimensionsPallet dimensionsMax. capacityMax. quantity of palletsDriverPower supplyAir consumptionPneumaticsConveyor finish
1520 x 1530 x 2430 mm 1200 x 800 x 150 mm500 kg15Siemens S7/200230/50 V/200approx. 34/75 litresFestokonstrukcja wykonana ze zwykłej stali malowanej proszkowo na RAL 7040 lub 5010
Safety and work ergonomics

You will avoid stack collapse risk, and your workers will no longer have to lift heavy weights

Full automation

Owing to the possibility of integrating into the production line, you achieve full automation of palletisation

Elimination of pallet damage

Owing to a precise lifting mechanism and protective covers

Flexibility of application

Two-position bumper and movable walls make it possible to adjust width to various pallet types.

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