• Europa Systems offers additional services, which include - integrated and proprietary IT software for Industry 4.0 in the field of IT and automation.


„Be connected” with ES QVIEW


The platform is equipped with Visual Mobile Management - an intuitive, user-experience-based data reporting and management information system. Thanks to this web application adapted to mobile devices, it is possible to support company management from anywhere in the world. ES Qview provides real-time data collection and monitoring, supporting the optimization of the processes of all intralogistics systems in factories and warehouses, located in different geographic locations. The available functionalities of the platform also include: analyzes and statistics - automatic calculations, hierarchical visualization, online data access and alerts in the form of SMS or e-mail notifications.

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Nowadays, quick access to data helps to manage business more effectively. Thanks to the know-how of Europa Systems, an innovative application for real-time monitoring of our solutions in the field of comprehensive intralogistics projects was created in order to better meet customer requirements in the field of automation of production and warehouse processes "- explains Marcin Tomkiewicz - CEO of Europa Systems.

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Detailed description
AUTOMATION is comprehensive services in the field of design, implementation, modernization and servicing of automation systems used in production processes and internal logistics systems. We provide comprehensive control systems, including for transport: pallets, tires, containers, heavy loads. In our systems, we use solutions from recognized manufacturers of industrial automation, as well as design our own innovative hardware solutions for dedicated applications.AUTOMATION supplemented with MES is a hardware and software platform that enables the development, implementation and servicing of Industry 4.0 solutions.
MES is used for professional production management. It allows you to control the efficiency of processes and optimize them so that production is carried out efficiently and efficiently. The system calculates the key indicators necessary for the effective management of a production company, including OEE (Total Machine Efficiency), OLE (Total Working Efficiency). MES means fewer rejects, downtime, breakdowns, errors and higher quality of production.