• Pallet handling systems
  • Pallet handling systems
  • Pallet handling systems

Pallet handling systems

  • The line of pallet conveyors is intended for technological, warehousing, and distribution processes, where pallets are used in transport of specific products.
Pallet Transportation System
Automatic storage and release of empty pallets, transporting loads on pallets and integration with storage processes as well as with end-of-line production equipment.
to 2000 kg/pallet
to approx. 30 m/min
Efficiency to 200 pallets/h


Implementations and applications
In production plants, warehouses, distribution centres – all locations where there is a need of full automation of internal handling processes. Sectors: Packing, Timber and Metal industry, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Construction materials.
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Case study Carlsberg
Case study Carlsberg
Expanding warehousing space for end products and increasing the efficiency of processes.
Automated pallets distribution integrated with the existing production lines.

The manufacturer's challenge was to optimise the use of the existing warehousing infrastructure to provide more room for end products, automate processes and integrate them with existing systems.

Europa Systems have designed, manufactured and implemented a system of buffering and transportation of pallets with empty returnable packaging from the external warehousing area to the pallets unloading systems. This solution has freed space in the end product warehouse. The entire system comprises more than 50 devices with a total transport length of 70 m. The conveyor line has become a buffer zone for the pallets with empty bottles.
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Detailed description
The pallet handling lines are a group of devices including most commonly conveyors connected with one another, used to transport both empty and loaded pallets. The automatic pallet handling system optimises the processes of moving, accumulation, and distribution of products transported on various types of pallets.
Loads of various dimensions and weight can be transported. The most common weight range of products transported on pallets is between approx. 150 kg/pallet and 1000 kg/pallet. The speed of pallet handling lines ranges most commonly from approx. 10 m/min. to approx. 18 m/min at a working level between approx. 400mm and 600mm.

Technical data

Load bearing capacityHandling speedEfficiency
up to 2000 kg/ palletup to ca. 30 m/minup to 200 pallets/hour

Ability to reclaim unused space and increased inventory storage density


Reduction of work and product risk


Increased production and logistical capacities


Reduction of exhaust fumes from fork-lift trucks

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