• Lifting conveyor
  • Lifting conveyor
  • Lifting conveyor

Lifting conveyor

  • A vertical transport device which is a perfect solution for the construction of flow racks in distribution centres
Automation of the transport system
Lifting conveyors are devices which enable changing the height of handling during operations. They can include any types of conveyors: chain, roller, strip, and belt conveyors. Lifting devices make it possible to: lift, reverse, and tilt handled items. Within a production line, lifting conveyors make it possible to: combine two transport lines, change the transport direction, and change the orientation.

Implementations and applications
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Detailed description
Types of lifting conveyors:
Tipplers – devices used to change the orientation of the transported items by tilting or toppling them.
Tilting conveyors – this is a group of conveyors that lift on one side to enable smooth transition from one transport line to another or to ensure connection to transport lines located on a higher level or lower level.
Elevators – vertical conveyors They are used most often to lift and lower the cargo. Elevators can connect two or more levels of transport lines – depending on the needs and spacial conditions.
Lifting – conveyors make it possible to change the working height of the transport line. They can also be used to feed or lower transported materials directly to receiving devices.
Types of lifting solutions: mechanical: eccentrics, cams, with the use of a lever mechanism or chain slings; pneumatic: with the use of pneumatic bellows, actuators; hydraulic:with the use of hydraulic actuators.
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