• Non-driven roller conveyor
  • Non-driven roller conveyor
  • Non-driven roller conveyor
  • Non-driven roller conveyor

Non-driven roller conveyor

  • A perfect solution for building flow racks in distribution centres
Integration with production line
Non-driven roller conveyors are used to transport goods using gravity and human strength. Available in two lengths - 2000 and 3000 mm.

Implementations and applications
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Detailed description
Design:Modular design makes it possible to connect a number of levels of the transport system in the warehouse, owing to which on each level there is a possibility of adding cargo (packs, trays, plastic containers, cardboards). The spiral can be integrated with the automatic transport system using roller conveyors. Depending on the design, two types of non-driven roller conveyors may be discerned: Non-driven roller conveyors of LTR type: characterised by a stable design, made of steel sections (angles, channels). The structure rests on supports with adjustable height (± 30 mm).
A special group of LTR devices are non-driven roller arches, enabling fast change of motion direction of the transported item. We offer many structural solutions depending on the intended use, weight, and type of transported goods.Non-driven roller conveyors of STP type: The main advantage of STP conveyors is their modularity. The modules make it possible to modify transport lines freely and fast. An especially shaped side profile, with a pitch of holes of 33 mm and non-bolts (SW) assembly of the rollers in the profile make it possible to easily change the pitch of the transporting rollers. Side profiles are available in two standard lengths: 3000 mm and 6000 mm, but STP conveyors can be cut and have any length.

Technical data

WeightAssembled of rollersRoller finishConveyor finishProducer
10000 kgRollers RT1-50zinc-galvanised roller’s pipestructure made of ordinary steel, RAL 7040 powder-coated Europa Systems Sp. z o.o.
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