• ES Cobot - Collaborative robot
  • ES Cobot - Collaborative robot
  • ES Cobot - Collaborative robot

ES Cobot - Collaborative robot

  • Easy palletising, based on the ES Cobot application, is characterised by safe and easy handling procedures. ES Cobot is a solid and user-friendly system that responds of product palletising processes of relatively low performance.
My friend ES Cobot
ES COBOT does neither need fencing nor cages. The exploitation of cobots – robots interacting with humans - to palletise various types of packaging – means that working next to a robot is fully secure. An operator can easily remove a complete pallet without having to stop the cobot”.
Technical data
Load transported packages type american box, tray&hood,
wrapp arround up to 10kg.
Integration 220/240V power supply
Dimensions 2907x1561 mm
Height 1600 mm
Performance from 8 to 15 cartons/min

Numerous options
There are various configurations of the ES Cobot application, which ensure optimal foundation solution at production shop. Additional options: placing spacers between layers, palletising different types of pallets, palletising options for high pallets.
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Detailed description
ES Cobot is a compact, energy-saving, and easy-to-use palletiser with 24 h availability. It is perfectly suited for limited production space, while providing high flexibility in system foundation layout.
A compact and modular design facilitates quick set up and start of the palletising application, along with the possibility of a simple and quick relocation of the system foundation, thanks to the mobile palletiser platform.

Technical data

Device elementOption 1Option 2Option 3
Robot modelOMRON TM12 Collaborative Robot without cameraOMRON TM12 Collaborative Robot with a camera-
Main base modelEURO/INDU TM-12- -
Robot pedestalConstant 515Movable 515-1015-
Driven roller conveyorFront single (to the right) L=1500, DR=500, H=65Side left (to the right) L=1500, DR=500, H=65Side right (to the right) L=1500, DR=500, H=65
SafetyOMRON Side scanner unit Type OS32CHAAKE Joint shield assembly ed-
Gripper typeGripper 450x360x100- -
PowerElectricElectric and pneumatic-
Safety first

ES Cobot is a guarantee of safety. By using a cobot with external safety functions, the palletising system does not need any industrial fencing, necessary with other robotic systems to ensure operational safety.

Space saving

The compact design of the system ensures that the required production space is even twice smaller, when compared to traditional industrial robot chambers.

Intuitive interface

The tablet-based interface of ES Cobot facilitates the daily work of operators. Thanks to this solution, the operators are provided with current and quick access to standard operating procedures and operation logs for faster problem solving and easier work performance analysis.

Easy installation RUN&GO

ES Cobot is extremely easy to install. Both the installation and start up process takes 2 days only. In addition, the system can easily be moved around production lines thanks to its mobile support platform.