• Light load handling systems
  • Light load handling systems
  • Light load handling systems
  • Light load handling systems

Light load handling systems

  • Light load handling systems enable free and safe flow of products in horizontal, vertical, and sloping dimensions.
Automated system
Multi-level structures enable to use space optimally and to ensure, at the same time, the continuity of individual processes. The lightweight cargo transport systems produced by Europa Systems ensure a high level of functionality thanks to adapting to specific conditions and needs and owing to the integration into other systems used in the production or logistic processes.
to 50 kg/m
do 60 m/min
30,000 units/24 h
card boards, containers, tires
Implementations and application
For FMCG industries to handle raw materials, semi-finished goods, and ready-made products. Used in production, warehousing, and sorting processes, among other things:
  • as connectors between individual production stages,
  • on final inspection stations,
  • in sorting, packaging, and picking zones,
  • in warehousing zones.
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Detailed description
Light load handling systems ensure full integration with other systems used in production or logistics processes. The device manufactured by Europa Systems offers high functionality thanks to adapting to specific conditions and needs. In the production plant, the handling system first of all minimises the risk of unplanned micro-downtimes
of each of the machines involved in the processing. The light load handling device generates significant cost savings on individual stages of production and distribution of goods. The system works perfectly on final inspection stations and in sorting, packing, and order-picking areas, as well as in storage areas.

Technical data

Load bearing capacityHandling speedLoading timeCargo handled
to 50 kg/mto 60 m/min30,000 units/24hcardboards, containers, tires

Ability to reclaim unused space and increased inventory storage density


Reduction of work and product risk


Increased production and logistical capacities


Reduction of exhaust fumes from fork-lift trucks

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