• Container handling systems
  • Container handling systems
  • Container handling systems

Container handling systems

  • The container handling and buffering system for both thermally insulated and mesh containers streamlines the processes associated with intra-logistics of FMCG products.
The system ensures a continuous transport of goods, short loading and unloading time, and maximisation of the buffer zone area. Our solutions can be accordingly equipped and integrated with devices supporting transport processes, e.g. through integration with cleaning machines.
to 300 kg/container
to 300 m/h
more than 800 containers
Implementations and applications
Our automated thermally insulated container transport systems are used by such clients as REWE and first of all in the RETAIL industry.
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Distribution centre case study
Distribution centre case study
Increasing the efficiency of processes and optimisation of warehouse area use.
A leading player in retail chain trade in Europe, with the development of its retail chain, took a decision to modernise the transport and buffering system of thermally insulated containers. The transport system was implemented to ensure optimum efficiency of logistic processes in distribution centres.

Europa Systems has designed, manufactured, and implemented in the distribution centre a multi-level, automatic system for transporting of containers.
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Detailed description
The standard system is a multi-level steel structure on which transport devices such as the following are installed: conveyors and elevators connecting individual levels. Transport devices are arranged in independent transport lines, connecting the start section of the transport channel with its end section. Owing to independent transport lines, redundancy is ensured which guarantees continuing availability of the system even in the case of failure of a single line, and the multi-level structure makes it possible to extend the usable warehouse space a couple of times. The line is also integrated with washing devices. The entire transport in the system, from the loading station to washing and drying devices, and then from the washing point to the buffer zone and further to the collection zone, is automatic. The multi-level, automatic system is intended for transporting thermally insulated containers and mesh trolleys.
The containers are durable transport devices which can be used multiple times. They are used for storage. In the buffer zone, they remain empty. Taking account of the way of usage, we discern:
  • Roller containers – a solution intended for storage of bulk products, packages, bags, or containers.
  • Thermally insulated containers – a perfect logistics device to store fresh and frozen products for the so-called"cold chain".
Mesh trolleys are devices with a horizontal bottom platform enclosed with mesh panels from two or four sides. Like containers, they travel empty through the buffer area. They are used to store fast-moving goods such as: food, beverages, or alcoholic drinks.

Technical data

Load bearing capacityLoading timeBuffer zone capacity
to 300 kg/containerto 300 containers/hdepending on conditions, even more than 800 containers

Increased production and logistical capacities


More efficient use of floor space


Ability to reclaim unused space and increased inventory storage density


Reduction of work and product risk

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