• Palletising Robot
  • Palletising Robot

Palletising Robot

  • The palletising robot is a comprehensive and efficient solution, adapted to handle cumbersome processes in a warehouse and factory.
Automation of production logistics using robotic palletisation is a competitive solution ready to meet the challenges faced by production and logistics companies, such as: optimization of production costs, increased efficiency, greater production flexibility, limited human resources.
Technical data
Efficiency: up to 40 boxes / min.
Weight of conveyed products: do up to 100 kg.
High flexibility: (adaptable to the space available in the production hall).
Possibility of simultaneous palletisation of products fed from one or two production lines.
Compact design with small footprint.
Possibility of configuration into central palletising systems.
Types of pallets handled: INDU, EURO.
Automated storage of empty ES-Pal pallet storage: 15 pcs.
Operating environment: dry, 5-40°C.
Pallet divider storage.
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Detailed description
Palletizing robots increase the safety of products in the palletizing process, eliminate the possibility of mistakes as well as improve the working conditions and comfort of employees, while ensuring the continuity of the production process. Through innovative solutions, such as an intuitive and easy-to-use creator of palletizing patterns, the system allows for quick configuration and implementation of a new type of palletized assortment, responding to the new needs of the market and consumers. Solution available in 2 models – Compact and Performance.
The palletising robot can be easily integrated into any existing production system. Palletisation is a final stage of the production process and preparation for the storage of goods and their further distribution. It occurs in virtually all industries, especially in Retail, FMCG, E-commerce, 3PL – contract logistics. The most significant advantages of the palletising system include the adaptation of the machinery to the production challenges, the minimisation of expenses and a quick return on investment. Operation of the robot is extremely simple and is performed via an intuitive interface. The high flexibility of the palletiser comes from the use of a manipulator and a pallet pattern generator. The all-purpose gripper allows palletisation of cargo of varying formats and weights. The system can be provided with a pallet divider storage to enable layering paper dividers in the palletising cycle. The efficiency of the robotic cell and the range of movements performed is customised.

Technical data

Type of palletising cellCompactPerformance
Possibility of layering dividersYes Yes
Configurable gripperYes Yes
Automated storage of empty pallets ES-Pal YesYes*
Pallet pattern creatorYes Yes
Types of grippersVacuum, mechanical clamping, mechanical rake Vacuum, mechanical clamping, mechanical rake
System dimensions (mm)6000 x 4000 x 44006200 x 4000 x 4400
Height of pallet conveyor (mm)90450-550
Efficiencyup to 15 boxes / minup to 40 boxes / min.
Maximum weight of loads60 kg100 kg
Work safety

Limiting the accident rate


Ability to reclaim unused space and increased inventory storage density


Increased production and logistical capacities


Reduction of exhaust fumes from fork-lift trucks