• ATLS - Automatic Truck Loading System
  • ATLS - Automatic Truck Loading System
  • ATLS - Automatic Truck Loading System

ATLS - Automatic Truck Loading System

  • ATLS systems are a solution for the automatic loading of semi-trailers and vehicle containers.
Pallet loading of the container
Jest is a fixed pallet container loading system, installed in one place of a loading and unloading platform or on a traverse that can serve several docks. Transport platforms, mounted on a steel frame, lift and move the load. The main function is to automatically load and unload all cargo in one go.
Conveyor speed 0,1 m/s (6 m/min)
28 tons
Trailer system height 150 mm with chains high, platform
Docking system height min. 400
Types of pallets standard pallets
Dock area required min. 15,5 x 3,5m, free space to work
Application and integration
No automatic loading systems are required in the semi-trailer, which guarantees no need for additional investments.
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Detailed description
There are many benefits when using an automatic loading system and a stacker crane. In the first one, the key factor for the user is the significant reduction of the truck loading time (loading one truck takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours - an average of 1 hour, this is due to ES information from customers). Using the system, this time is reduced to 8 minutes). This is particularly important, because fast and safe loading of trucks is a critical area of the modern supply chain, and the possibility of automating this process, and thus eliminating manual work, as well as resignation from forklift service, and thus e.g. servicing costs and, of course, a significant reduction in human resources needed in the loading process. An additional advantage is that the automation of loading does not require any special changes in the infrastructure.
The solutions we propose are addressed to all organizations that want to improve the process of loading their products. It doesn't really matter what industry a given company operates in. If your products are stored and transported outside on pallets, ES equipment will optimize these processes. When it comes to automatic loading of trucks, the offer is addressed especially to companies where shipments of goods on pallets amount to at least 40 pallets per hour. Certainly, from the point of view of potential users of this type of solutions, it is important that they do not have to meet any specific conditions to implement them, and the Europa Systems offer allows you to adapt a specific system to the specifications and needs of a specific customer. In essence, these are tailor-made solutions for the future user, prepared in such a way as to optimally meet his needs.

Technical data

Docking station power supplyDock supply voltageDocking station power consumptionDocking system optionsBenefits
2x gearbox with 3.6kW motor and 1 gearbox with 5.8kW motor3x400V ac./50Hz, 0 and ground, 32A fuse1.1 kW for chargingFloor system up to 1400 mm, optical or mechanical dimension control, forklift stop, traffic lights, I / O interface connection with external system integrator, drawbridgeHighly standardized, fully automatic systems that are easy to install and operate, support 99% of trailers and containers. No trailer modifications required.

Fleet reduction by 70%

Cost reduction

Up to 100% reduction of operating costs in the area of automatic loading

Safety of employees and products

Improving health and safety conditions for employees and truck drivers, as well as reducing damage to loads


More efficient use of floor space