• ASRS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • ASRS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • ASRS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

ASRS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System

  • Warehouse automation with the use of stacker cranes means more efficient and more ergonomic work without mistakes.
The main advantage of stacker cranes is the possibility of high storage (to a height of about 25 m and more).

Stacker cranes significantly reduce the warehouse space. Thanks to stacker cranes, you can also make full use of the available space, which of course affects storage costs. Stacker cranes accelerate quick access to products, it is fully automated and safe. They operate fully automatically and all pallet handling movements are optimized in conjunction with superordinate systems. Again, it is especially important to eliminate manual labor as well as eliminate forklifts. All this contributes to minimizing the risk of possible errors.

The stacker crane, i.e. a tool that allows you to store pallets on racks (high-bay warehouses), gives you automatic access to the pallets. The pallet is picked up from the shelf by an elevator, it also transports the pallet to the conveyor, from which the "goods" are transferred to further logistics in the warehouse.
• Optionsfull orpartial automation
• Precisesequencing of loads on a pallet
Reduced costs work in the warehouse
• Individual shipping units for easy in-store replenishment
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Nowadays, quick access to data helps to manage business more effectively. Thanks to the know-how of Europa Systems, an innovative application for real-time monitoring of our solutions in the field of comprehensive intralogistics projects was created in order to better meet customer requirements in the field of automation of production and warehouse processes "- explains Marcin Tomkiewicz - CEO of Europa Systems.

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Detailed description
Automation of processes related to the handling of pallets The benefits of streamlining the process of storing and loading products are obvious. Measurable savings result from, among others from lower energy and labor costs. An important advantage is also the increase in the level of work safety (resignation from the use of forklifts reduces the accident rate). Obviously, solutions that automate the circulation of pallets affect the efficiency, and measurably increase it. Among the positives is also a lower impact on the environment (reduction of pollution resulting from the use of forkbars, etc.).
When it comes to stacker cranes (shelves on racks), they are usually adapted to handle pallets weighing up to 1.5 tons, although in fact solutions for handling heavier loads are possible. In the case of automatic loading, the weight of the pallets depends on its load capacity (the number of pallets it takes). The system for preparing a package of pallets for loading can also be equipped with a contour gate, scales, scanners. The purpose of these solutions is to efficiently manage the incoming stream of pallets for automatic loading.

Technical data

Type of ASRSDescriptionMaximum travel speedAccelerationBenefitsAdditional equipment
ASRS 25/1500 2MThe two-mast stacker crane with a maximum height of 25 meters processes materials on pallets with a maximum weight of 1,500 kg240 m/min0.6 m/s2High work efficiency and start-stop operation / Maintenance platform / Telescopic forks for transporting goods of various dimensionsTelescopic forks for transporting goods with various dimensions / Energy feedback function (optional) / Video surveillance function (optional) / Model for freezers up to -30 ℃ (optional)
ASRS 20/300It is a type of medium-sized stacker crane with an installation height of less than 20 meters and a load capacity of up to 300 kg.240 m/min1.5 m/s2Telescopic forks for transporting goods of various dimensionsDual Drive Control Servo Drive (Optional) / Video Surveillance Function (Optional) / Fireproof Armor (Optional) / Aisle Safety Scan Function (Optional)
ASRS 25/1500 1MThese are extremely efficient single-mast stacker cranes, up to 25 meters high and with a maximum load of 1,500 kg.200 m/min0,55 m/s2Dual maintenance platformEnergy feedback function (optional) / Video surveillance function (optional) / Cold store series up to -30 ℃ (optional)

Optimal use of resources


Increased production and logistical capacities


Reduced accident rate at work


Increasing the storage capacity

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