Automatic order-picking system – the most important features

Automatic order-picking system – the most important features

An automatic product picking island is a system enabling to increase the efficiency when warehousing fresh products and preparing them for distribution to shops and clients. Owing to this modern technological solution, the entrepreneur may save time and labour necessary to prepare a pallet with goods and send it to the destination. It is an unquestionable advantage of this system, recommended for entrepreneurs looking for similar solutions for their warehouses.

It is worth to mention the most important properties of the automatic product picking island, which demonstrate its technological advancement and may influence the decision on investing in modern technologies in the form of order processing systems:

  1. Capacity ? is the most important factor in distribution of fresh products. Daily demand of shops can vary. Sometimes a large quantity of goods is needed, sometimes small, but one should always anticipate the need to prepare dozens or hundreds of cases with products for a single recipient. Therefore, the capacity in this system ranges between 25000 and 40000 cases per island.

  2. Modularity ? makes it possible to gradually expand the system. It is an important feature for every entrepreneur who wishes to implement this solution in steps or wants to be sure that with the development of the company, they will have a possibility of extending the whole system by additional elements. The modularity of the automatic product picking island makes it possible to reduce costs and adjust the system to the current needs.

  3. Adaptation for the purposes of daily handling ? during the implementation of an order processing system, there is a possibility of creating the necessary number of islands to store products in a given enterprise. Owing to this, the installation can be adjusted to the actual needs of the entrepreneur, without the possibility of incurring unnecessary costs. Should a need arise, the modularity referred to above makes it possible to extend the system by further islands.

  4. Application in stores ? not only distribution points of fresh products, fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs can use the order processing system offered by us. It can be also used by stores which have at their disposal significant warehousing space and larger stocks. Building product stocks is a reasonable idea, considering the periods of intensified traffic of retail customers. Therefore, the automatic product picking island is a perfect solution in places where order-picking is of key importance.

  5. Diversity of stored products ? this aspect can be easily perceived as one of the most important aspects from the point of view of distributors of various fresh products and from the point of view of shops with significant warehousing space. The automatic product picking island makes it possible to store and warehouse cases with commodities of various types. There are no limitations in this case, and chaos in the warehousing space is impossible.

  6. Diversified cases on a one island ? another things which may be deemed an enormous advantage of this solution. Cases of various sizes and types may be stored on one island, which makes it possible to freely warehouse different products in one place, and this does not deteriorate the automated access in any way whatsoever. This is all the more important in the enterprises handling highly diversified commodities.

  7. Tracking and finding products in cases ? when selecting a product to be transported, what is important is precision and speed with which a given case is delivered onto the pallet. Thanks to the automatic product picking island, finding the product the customer is interested in is easy, and no bar codes or RFID labels have to be used. This feature streamlines the process of preparation of goods for shipment.

Automatic order picking is a solution which significantly facilitates the work during warehousing and distribution of fresh products. The diversification of goods stored in one place is very valuable and does not limit warehousing possibilities. The high capacity of this system makes it a perfect solution to be deployed in enterprises pursuing activities in the field of production and distribution of fresh products.

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