• ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]
  • ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]

ES Gear - Automated Guided Vehicle [AGV]

  • A production plant of the future uses AGV technology - a self-propelled, automatic transport trolley. Your plant also deserves full automation
The modular design of the ES Gear truck enables to adjust the parameters in line with the individual needs of the client. We build an Automated Guided Vehicle together on the basis of pre-defined modules such us: working height from 400 mm to 1200 mm, conveyor type, power supply method, navigation, route length, etc.
to 1500 kg/AGV
to approx. 60 m/min
Loading time from 20 sekund

Loading unit

Implementations and applications
In production plants, warehouses, distribution centres – all locations where there is a need of full automation of internal handling processes. Both FMCG as well as Automotive industry, with special reference to Tire, as well as Retail sectors.
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SEW-EURODRIVE is the world's largest manufacturer of drive technology in 51 countries. The Polish branch was established 20 years ago - in 1996, with its registered office and assembly plant located in Łódź. SEW-EURODRIVE Polska is working on more than 100 people, producing nearly 2,000 geared motors and more than 270 inverters per month.
Europa Systems has designed, manufactured and implemented SEW-Eurodrive geared motors, fully automatic and integrated into the AGV - Automated Guided Vehicle.
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Detailed description
UNIQUE PROPERTIES OF THE PRODUCT: MODULAR DESIGN Turnkey Custom Solution – "build your own AGV".  A modular, predefined and scalable solution which can be built by the Client together with us. CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT A control and management system – "fleet of automatic trucks under control". POWER SUPPLY A new generation power supply "Powered by SEW-EURODRIVE" – the newest technology of super-condensers and contactless energy transmission via MOVITRANS induction loop.
●END-OF-LINE PROCESS | Ends of production lines – trolleys used to carry loads on pallets , up to 1500 kg, minimum operating height 400 mm● PROCES IN-LINE | Assembly lines – the trolley carries dedicated cargo both on pallets as well as in boxes, operating height above 400 mm ● TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSPORT automatic flow of special cargo in the technological process between individual areas

Technical data

Load bearing capacityHandling speedLoading time
to 1500 kg/ AGVup to ca. 60 m/minto 20 seconds

Ability to reclaim unused space and increased inventory storage density


Reduction of work and product risk


Increased production and logistical capacities


Reduction of exhaust fumes from fork-lift trucks

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